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Next scheduled presentation:
San Diego Comic Con 2005

July 14th - 15th

Previous panel at WonderCon 2005

Moscone Center in San Francisco
Fan Film Making on No Budget: Ever wanted to do a fan film, but felt it was out of reach?? Well have no fear true believers, now you can learn invaluable tips and advice on how to do it on the cheap. We will cover finding resources, all areas of production, and most importantly how to keep it fun! Plus we will take an exclusive look at and share the experience of our own fan film Tomb Raider: Tears of the Dragon, currently in production.

Panelists included writer/director Nick Murphy, actress & producer Valerie Perez, make-up/costume/photography gurus Keith Carter and Tracy Butcher, award winning prop and costume designer Mike Schiffbauer and actor Gary Alonzo.

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Event Schedule:

Wonder Con
2/20/05 .. San Franicsco

Wizard World
3/19/05 .. Long Beach

E3 Expo  
5/18/05 .. Los Angeles

Comic Con
7/14/05 .. San Diego

9/2/05 .. Atlanta
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