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Comic Con is the only event that takes up the ENTIRE San Diego Convention Center

San Diego Comic Con 2005


Say it with me now.


Rolls off the tongue doesn't it?

For the most part I had an unbelievable time.

Granted there were things that I wish could've happened differently, or didn't happen at all. Mainly too much to do, and not enough time to do it all in, secondly followed by the fact I couldn't quite enjoy all the days because I had to return to work that weekend.

Batman! Ghost Rider's Bike Exhibit floor

For those that don't know, Comic-Con is probably the biggest Comic convention in the whole world. 90,000 people attend this massive display of pop-culture. Everything from movies, to comics, to video games. I love ALL of these things and was ecstatic to go.

Directors Nick & Sean We arrive early on Thursday morning for our panel with the multi talented Sean Rourke. He's another filmmaker friend who is gracious enough to let us on the panel with him. The panel is a four day course on low budget filmmaking, covering everything from pre production to fan films.

Lara takes a photo with young fans We stand in line and chit chat with some nice fellow geeks when I hear a voice, "Nick !" Hey Nick !!" I turn around to see my friend Eric Jacobus from up in San Francisco. Him and Andy were the bad asses in the second teaser. They make great films with friends of ours called "The Stunt People', check em out at . Eric is also a filmmaker and it was great to see him and his girl Tyler there at the Con. We chatted for a bit and I let them in line with us.

When who of all people walk by, but Sean Rourke with our badges to get inside. We thank him, say hey and head in. New costume for Underworld sequel

My buddy Josh who helped on Day 14 with second unit camera is gonna film the panel today and tomorrow. We walk in an already there are about 25-30 people. I smile, this is too cool. We go over with Sean about what we're covering that day. I gotta give it up to this man, he is insanely organized and has a syllabus to guide us through the day.

As we get closer to start time I see a rather alarming but very cool thing take place......the room, is getting bigger. Not for real, I wasn't drinking that day. But more and more people are gathering inside.....soon, all the seats are filled and people start standing in the back and sitting in the middle of the aisle.

Legend figure Holy shit. These are like Kevin Smith numbers.....I've never seen that many people before.

I know that it wasn't just our little flick that packed 'em in. It was learning how to MAKE flicks and what not that helped out considerably. Sean had this panel last year and it grew.

Regardless, it was a new experience for us and a wonderful one. It went over very well, both days....some came up after and said we inspired them and gave them new ideas. I know that makes Sean feel good, it certainly does for me as well.

With technology as available as it is, making movies is becoming much easier, as Sean mentioned before and he's right.

We are nearly done with the flick. A few more days and we will FINALLY be done with production. It will be a good feeling to have.

The thing I would like to emphasize to all filmmakers, writers, actors, and people with big dreams: Just do it, don't talk about it. Just do it, and keep doing it, and learn from doing. There are people who can talk, and there are people that do. Be the people that do both.

Until next time, keep those cameras rolling,