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New Lara Croft

Skrevet af Martin Finnedal, d. 09-03-2005 20:15

A group of amateurs are creating their own version of the movie. However the babe is still totally ok.

Valerie Perez is not an actress.
She is in fact an IT analyst, and this is nonetheless something totally different. Or? Not necessarily. Because Valerie is right now following in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie, and is starring in a Lara Croft movie.

The, by the way absolutely stunning girl
has no experience as a film actress, however she has in numerous occasions performed as Lara Croft at computer game fairs etc. In addition she is the holder of a green belt in the Israeli combat system 'Krav Maga'. This she feels is good enough to take the plunge into both being a Lara Croft actress and do her own stunts.

The production of "Tears of the Dragon" as the new movie will be named, started out in 2003 and is expected to be finished during the coming summer. However we are not likely to be talking about a world premiere.

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